Discover Vermeer's Delft - with these fun Vermeer activities

Delft’s most famous girl is The Girl with a Pearl Earring from Delft master painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1975). This seventeenth-century master of light spent his entire life living and working in Delft. Of the estimated 45 paintings he made during his lifetime, 37 can be seen in museums worldwide. The Delft master Johannes Vermeer is world-famous. Only in Delft will you discover his city, the city which inspired him and where he lived and worked. From 10 February to 4 June 2023, discover Vermeer’s Delft and immerse yourself in this famous painter’s world.

View the entire oeuvre (reproductions) of the Delft master in the Vermeer Center Delft, join a Vermeer city walk or step into a painting by Vermeer and have yourself photographed in clothing from his time. During your journey of discovery, a specially brewed 'Girl with the Pearl' beer or a delicious 'Vermeer bol' cannot be missed!

De leukste Vermeer activiteiten

  • Vermeer Centrum Delft

    During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Voldersgracht 21 was the home of the guild of Saint Luke, where Vermeer, following in his father’s footsteps, joined as a member in 1653. Fine arts painters, decorative painters, stained-glass artists, sculptors, engravers, potters, printers and art dealers could become guild members. Today, the Vermeer Centrum Delft is located here. This is the only place where you can admire Vermeer’s entire body of work in full-scale reproductions. Take yourself back to the seventeenth century; learn about his paintings, life, family, and techniques.

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    Vermeer Centrum Delft
  • Vermeer's Delft

    Throughout the 17th century, Delft was a city full of talent and innovation. Here, Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) grew to be an artist of global scale. For the first time ever, the life of this world-known Delfts master is the focus of an exhibition.

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    Vermeer's Delft

A time travel to 17th century Delft

Time travel may not be possible in real life, but it is possible in Virtual Reality. From the point where Vermeer painted his View of Delft, you can now look 360° around the seventeenth century. This way you can see what Vermeer actually saw and from which location he painted his most famous work.

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  • Vermeer project knotten

    Get inspired by Vermeer and create a project of thread. Every Friday afternoon you can start your project or get inspiration at Knotten. Your creation will be displayed at our place of business and you will have a chance to win a great prize!

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    Vermeer project knotten
  • Vermeer food tour

    Discover the life of Johannes Vermeer in Delft with a delicious food tour with snacks from the 17th century.

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    Vermeer food tour
  • Workshop Baking with Vermeer

    One of Johannes Vermeer's most famous paintings is The Milkmaid. On that painting you see different types of bread. In the baking workshop with Vermeer you will make those sandwiches!

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    Workshop Baking with Vermeer
  • M Edelsmeden en Vermeer

    When we think of Vermeer, the paintings that immediately come to mind are The Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Little Street. But what if the Girl with a Pearl Earring is not a pearl? Discover it at M Edelsmeden. 

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    M Edelsmeden en Vermeer
  • Pearls of Light

    For her exhibition Pearls of Light, Dutch photographer Caroline Sikkenk found inspiration in the paintings of the famous artist Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). Fascinated by the essentials of Vermeer’s oeuvre - their great narrative, amazing light, timeless atmosphere and stillness - she visited several historical locations in his city of birth and residence, Delft. This resulted in a whole new series of photographs, which are inspired by the originals, but are also retelling their story.

  • Another Vermeer


    René Jacobs was inspired by Vermeer's work, trying to place the present in Vermeer's past in a style he describes as "tragic realism".”. 

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    Another Vermeer Het Meisje met de Parel gemaakt met de letters J.o.h.a.n.n.e.s  V.e.r.m.e.e.r.

Vermeer bij Royal Delft!

  • Vermeer painting workshop

    During a special Vermeer painting workshop at Royal Delft, you can choose between various Vermeer designs. In addition to the famous work ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ there is also the option for ‘The Little Street’ or ‘View of Delft’.

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    Vermeer painting workshop
  • Vermeer lunch

    At Brasserie1653 you can enjoy a delicious lunch entirely in Vermeer theme. Your lunch will be served on a painting palette!

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    Vermeer lunch
  • Workshop Shell Art

    During this workshop you will make real Vermeer works from different shells!

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    Workshop Shell Art
  • Vermeer canal cruise

    Cruise past the stately canal houses and under the old arched bridges. During the cruise, the boatmen and guides tell various stories about Johannes Vermeer. Admire beautiful and historic Delft and learn all about the life of the famous master painter.

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    Vermeer canal cruise


Go back in time and discover the places linked to his life, such as his place of birth, the house where he painted his famous View of Delft, or the guild of Saint Luke, where artists in Delft at that time met.

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